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I recently visited Infinity Smiles where my orthodontist was Dr George Campbell, and I was very impressed with the experience I had, as well as how my teeth now look after treatment. I was quite nervous as I’d never been to see an orthodontist before, but I have been self-conscious about my teeth and was hopeful something could be done to improve their appearance.

Dr Campbell was friendly and made me feel comfortable straight away, and I have felt this way during every appointment I’ve had with him since too. I was glad to have Dr George Campbell as my orthodontist as I’d heard good things about the treatment he provides from previous satisfied patients. His knowledge and experience made me feel reassured and confident that he was the right man for the job, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Given my sensitivity about my teeth, I was worried about fixed braces being the only option for me. I expressed my concern to Dr Campbell who assured me that there are other avenues to explore that I could feel more comfortable with.

I ultimately decided to go with Invisalign braces, so they wouldn’t be as noticeable, but still effective in aligning them. I was a bit concerned as I’d heard the price of these braces was quite expensive, but I was pleasantly surprised at how much it would cost when discussing it with Dr Campbell.

He was clear and took the time to break everything down for me and answer the many questions I had. I learned more about Invisalign, which was helpful as I wanted to have all the details before settling on that type of brace as the best for me. Deciding to get braces as an adult is a big decision which he completely understood; he gave me all the information I needed, and I felt that he was caring and patient throughout the process.

George Campbell Orthodontist review

At each appointment, Dr Campbell was warm and took his time, which I appreciated, as I know dentists and orthodontists are extremely busy, but he never made me feel rushed or like I was just another patient, every appointment was personal. When I first got my Invisalign braces, Dr Campbell thoroughly went through the care that was needed so I had a clear understanding of what I could do to ensure I got the best results from my braces.

george campbell orthodontist

I was so impressed with Invisalign as soon as they were put in, I could barely see them. The aligners have a look of thin mouth guards that just sit over your teeth and unlike normal braces you can remove them at certain points too. Dr Campbell took the time to create a custom treatment plan to suit my lifestyle and goals for how I want my teeth to look at the end. To follow this plan, I simply had to replace each set of Invisalign aligners with a new one every few weeks. The process was straightforward, and I started to notice changes in my teeth quite quickly, as did Dr Campbell who was pleased with my progress.

At the end of my treatment, I couldn’t have been happier with the results, my teeth straightened even more than I imagined they could. Having my teeth better aligned has given me so much confidence. I cannot thank Dr Campbell enough for the time and effort he put in to make sure I was happy throughout my Invisalign journey. If anyone in the Glasgow area is looking for a good orthodontist, I would definitely recommend going to see Dr George Campbell, he has worked wonders on my teeth and could do the same for anyone else.

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